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Anatta Recovery

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Banglore Karnataka India

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Rehabilitation Centre is a luxury rehab providing a residential Alternate Life Therapy program (ALT) for the treatment of those afflicted (Dependents) and affected (Co-dependents) due to dependency on alcohol and drugs thus helping them to go beyond substance use towards life. The program is non-regimented, client specific, tailor-made for each individual and we accept only one to three clients at a time. Admission is only voluntary. Confidentiality and anonymity are maintained at the highest level. The ambiance provided is luxurious, compassionate, accepting and non-judgmental. The client lives with a counselor, physician and support staff 24×7. (Custom Destination Packages available as well)”

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  • Banglore Karnataka India
  • 09967334000
  • https://www.anattarecovery.com/bangalore/


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