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Criminal Background Checks for Employment

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A/203, Osia Classic, Amboli, Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400058, Maharashtra

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Every business in the market today, prefer to hire a third-party service to take care of their call center activities to simplify their corporate working, providing them with extra time on focusing on the other more crucial activities which indeed conclude towards the growth of th company, which can improve the financial stature of the company and also provide thousands with positive career growth opportunities. Therefore, as such big multinational companies tend to hire a solid amount of employees every month, locating them across various countries, cities and branches. As arranging their database and background all together can be a big task, these companies therefore opt for Criminal Background Checks for Employment or at times Pre Employment Verification Service, who complete the verification check process of the employees and accumulate their data safely with them, making the working of the company easier.


As there are many cases, where the potential candidates have provided their fake information and have desired to get selected for a specific post. Therefore, due to several reasons such as unemployment records, concealing substance abuse records or at times which is the most common reason is of hiding their criminal records, people have a tendency to provide fake identity cards or papers hiding their personal information. Thus, the Pre Employment Verification Service conducts an important verification process in an appropriate manner, with proper background checking process. Therefore, below are some of the reasons why such a verification process is required. They are as follows:


  • To gain the actual information mentioned in the resumes: More than half of the organizations across the globe, completely depend upon the information which is provided by the candidate to the company mentioned on their resume. Many companies select their candidates based on the qualifications which are mentioned on the resume. Although the information stated is false or true is indeed known by the company. Thus, by checking each and every detail and matching it with the background of the individual, by carrying witnesses or alibis etc., verification check is indeed important.


  • Getting access to various unknown hidden information: It is obvious that nobody would like to come forward and accept their mistakes or share any incident which has let them down or have created a bar in the past. With a doubt in mind to get rejected at times, they do not tend to come and share such instances. This is the reason that verification services should know the whole story about their hesitation from any reference or third-party and then formally be more forward with the individual.


  • Cost-effective process: Many companies do not have the capacity or team of candidates who have the accurate resources, knowledge and software to conduct a complete background run on thousands of potential candidates the company goes through every year. As companies obviously opt for bulk hiring, it is very difficult for the companies to manage the complete system as the hiring process would definitely be delayed. Thus, such companies with no background check in-house team, opt for background verification services, as it is their aim, goal and work to check the background with the given data of thousands, thus companies then opt for their services, as it is not time-consuming and also is cost-effective for the company.


Address: Osia Classic, A/203, Amboli, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058

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