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Mental Health Caused by Family Genes

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The cause of any mental health condition is indeed very rarely diagnosed as the whole process is very uncomfortable and hard to understand or process with. As there are many reasons where individuals go ahead and deal with their issues, such complex problems often require answers where the biological components are the final answer where individuals turn to. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that the combination of various genetic and emotional components with physical changes in action at times combined can take the process of a change which is not normal and is termed as a mental disease or disorder, where this can also run in families.


Nobody in the world can be so sure about the Science around themselves which can cause a mental illness in the beginning, however most of the times the ultimate aim goes towards the segment of either having an environmental factor or a genetic issue which is running through generations in the family. As every individual is unique their body mechanism and process is also different, where the evaluation plan of every individual within the family chain can also change and move ahead. Thus, there are some of such mental disorders, which can be caused due to genetic issues. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai has mentioned some. They are as follows:


  • Schizophrenia: The serious issue of schizophrenia consists of activities involving being emotionless, having delusions and hallucinations, with high genetic risks also as around 45% of Indian households suffers from such situations, where small kids are diagnosed with schizophrenia, where they old grandparents maybe suffering from the similar issue in their lives or are still dealing with.


  • Anxiety Attacks: Getting panic attacks and anxiety attacks are one of the most common mental health issue which is passed in the genes of kids from their parents, where the issues of having anxiety attacks with stress and panic in the environment, can at times make the individual feel isolated from the world with poor self-esteem in the making and also dealing with poor inter-communication skills, which are very hard to cope with.


  • Depression: Surviving with depression is another common mental health issue which is a serious concern in the society and is often caused by any particular personal issue, or either by the genes of one. Kids can oftenly get predisposed genetically and also observe the behaviour of their parents where they see their parents being socially secluded and withdrawn from the environment and also have the similar tendency to follow them. Thus, observing similar habits and then following them can also cause issues of depression.


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