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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Gurgaon

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49/14, sector -14, Raj Nagar , Ghaziabad -201002

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Today addiction is a stigma on anyone who is in its trap. Substance or alcohol addiction is very common nowadays. If you see the graph of any society or place, you will find shocking figures regarding the same and it is increasing day by day. Many families are suffering and ruined because of this problem as an addict is incapable to take the responsibility for which he is answerable. He himself spoils his own life and is also endangering the life of the people who are totally dependent on him risking the life of their family members. They become a social threat to society and are neglected in every field which indirectly puts the addict into more addiction because he loses his confidence and hopes for a better future, he starts to feel that he is lacking in course of life and starts feeling lonely, no one understands him, he lives isolated in society and he finds his support and pleasure in his own addiction only. He never blames himself for what he is doing or he never thinks that addiction is the main cause for his situation, slowly and slowly he starts feeling depressed and thinks that only addiction or choice of drug or alcohol is the only source of his support and happiness.

To overcome this problem, we have a place called as a rehabilitation centre and we Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Gurgaon, is one of the leading names among them .A well renowned name not only in the city and state but also in different parts of the country as we have patients from almost all the states of the country . Sambhav means ‘possible’ and we make impossible things possible as addict family loses all their hopes that he could be back on track of good and healthy life , we sambhav rehabilitation centre does that by transforming an addict to a normal person in society .

Firstly , addiction is not a habbit of using alcohol or substances ,it is a disease declared by W.H.O. long time ago and there is no medicine or remedy for this ,so hospitalizing an addict is not a good option .Secondly it’s a psychological disorder effecting the addict both physically and mentally .Addict needs someone who understands his feelings as the addict himself does not know about his dieases.He needs a proper guidance and a secure atmosphere where he copes up with other people and understands his own problems,the phase from which he is going through which leads to a devastating future . We Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Gurgaon, provides a secure and homely stay where we work on an addict providing confidentiality about the treatment . Sending to a rehabilitation centre your loved one does not mean that you are spoiling his life , you are giving him a gift of new life full of joy , happiness a, confidence and a responsible normal person who is capable of taking all challenges and responsibilities in the outer world which he was lacking during his addiction days .

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  • 49/14, sector -14, Raj Nagar , Ghaziabad -201002
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