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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Hapur

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Village- Wajheelpur, Post-Hapur, District-Hapur

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Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Hapur, has a team of professional staff who look after each patient every single minute of an hour. We believe in love and care program which relies on support, care, confidentiality, security , recreation, fun and a homely stay . Our treatment comprises of the AA program which has been followed by millions of people worldwide. This program is actively running in many countries including all the continents across the globe .

We divide our program into three stages , firstly its detoxification in which the patient is supervised medically,on completely and suddenly stopping his drug or alcohol, for at least a month . We provide a comfortable and relaxing detoxification process in which the hardships are controlled in an easy, simple and natural way . Rehablititation, the second stage, is like a rebirth of an addict in which he works on the qualities and habits deeply rooted in his psychic being. A new knowledge of life is given with a new daily schedule full of innumerable interesting activities with different sessions and therapies all around the week .

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  • Village- Wajheelpur, Post-Hapur, District-Hapur
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  • https://www.sambhavrehab.in/nasha-mukti-kendra-in-hapur


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