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Follow These Strategies to Reduce Exam Anxiety and Stress


Stress may sometimes be a positive thing since it gives us the push we need to get things done. However, managing stress can occasionally be challenging (especially around the exam time). We’re under more stress than ever, as seen by the 20–50% annual increase in university students seeking assistance for study-related mental health difficulties. Seven recommendations are provided here to assist you get through the challenging exam time. Here, we’ll explain how to manage tension and anxiety during exam time in this blog.

  • Music

Music is a wonderful stress reliever for exams. Your mood will improve and your environment will become more pleasant as a result of listening to music. You’ll be inspired to study harder and longer as a result. The world’s most tranquil music, Weightless, was produced by the band Marconi Union in partnership with the British Academy of Sound Therapy to aid in stress management. During the exam time, you can listen to songs to get relief from exam stress

  • Exercise

Exercise in particular has been found to be a very powerful stress reducer.. You can even choose a brief walk if you dislike strenuous exercise. While some students may believe that studying for hours on end is the greatest method to manage exam anxiety, that is not the case. To be able to comprehend, interpret, and take in information, your brain has to feel at ease. A 20-minute walk can give your brain the rest it needs to deal with exam stress, according to research done by Dr. Chuck Hillman at the University of Illinois.

  • Bubble Wrap and Dogs

It’s exciting to pop bubble wrap, and what do you know? It also lowers tension.

Choosing pet therapy is another excellent method of relieving anxiety. They aid in improving focus in addition to lowering anxiety. According to a Stress and Health study, dogs can make students who are anxious about exams feel happier and less stressed. Additionally, it is known that pet therapy might benefit those who are depressed.

  • Plan

Making a thorough study plan is a fantastic approach to combat exam stress and anxiety. You will become more organized, productive, and motivated by following a well-structured study schedule, which will give you more control over the situation and reduce tension and anxiety.

  • Sleep


A good night’s sleep is essential, especially when studying. It’s common to undervalue    the benefits of getting enough sleep. However, investigations and scientific trials have demonstrated that getting enough sleep enhances your brain’s capacity to learn and prolongs your memory of information. A restful night’s sleep can also improve your focus and lower your stress level.

  • Eat healthy

Although it may sound like a nutritionist is saying this, it has been shown through scientific research that eating well-balanced meals considerably lowers stress levels. It aids in detoxification, gives you a positive internal feeling, and does wonders for clearing your mind of unfavorable thoughts.

  • Management of time:

Students experience significant stress during exam season more often than not because they believe they have a lot of material to learn in a short amount of time. If you manage your time well, you can quickly solve this issue. Start preparing for your tests well in advance, allocate your time according to the complexity of each subject, and do your best to stick to the study schedule. You can unwind and learn at your own speed by implementing efficient time management techniques.


You can also consult any rehab centers. Most of them also deal in exam stress management for students. Now is not the time to take stress or feeling anxious during exams. Just consult any psychiatrist, psychologist or any other counselor for getting relief in this stressful time. Check out a list of best rehab center in India online and get an overview of their services. Exam time might be intimidating due to peer pressure and parental expectations. Universities must also assume responsibilities for assisting students in making preparations and managing exam stress.

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