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Trinity Institute of Innovation in Professional Studies(TIIPS)

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One of the best pieces of advice that a student can get with regard to his career is to follow his own path, passion, and interest. Integrated Law courses are considered to be the wise choice for all law aspirants. Here are the essential details related to integrated programs for the 12th pass-out. If you are looking for a career as a lawyer. Then you should choose BALLB for you.

The profession of a lawyer can have many advantages, but it also requires a lot of time and dedication from the individual. A career as a lawyer can be a great calling that provides a tonne of opportunities and job satisfaction.

The Trinity Institute of Innovation in Professional Studies(TIIPS), which is connected with GGSIPU promotes excellence in legal education and research with the end goal of creating competent attorneys who are prepared to take on difficulties. In order to prepare students for the workplace, our course prioritizes both academic information and practical applications.

Being The Top BA LLB College in Delhi, TIIPS has made a name in Higher Education by imparting quality and value-based education to students. Join us today for more information. The college has an important infrastructure and experienced and qualified faculty.
Our goal is to guide students for success in the future. Along with providing education, we help the students grow as people. We are proud of our faculty and graduates, many of whom are well-known authorities in their professions.

The Purpose of the faculty of law at tiips is to serve a practical model of legal education that satisfies the growing needs of society, the system, and culture. As The BA LLB College In Delhi NCR, we provide best practices in admission, academic administration, planning, Law college administration, and examination system.

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  • 2B/1, Knowledge Park-111,, Delhi NCR, Greater Noida, India
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