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Unity PG College – Best Private PG & LAW College For BTC, BA, B.Com, BBA Lucknow

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Best PG and Law College in Lucknow


Best Law College in Lucknow

Are you looking for a good Law College that actually makes you a lawful citizen? If your answer is yes, then Unity PG Law College is your one stop destination in Lucknow! Law colleges are plenty in India, but very few guarantee success. Do you have any idea as to why this happens? The answer to this is because, Law colleges in India mainly focus on completing the syllabus and not the real life desk exposure. Hence, the problem was closely addressed by the faculty here.

There are universities that provide a regional curriculum, and there are colleges that offer a national curriculum that covers almost every element of law in the today. It also depends on where in the world your alumni network is located and Unity PG Law College at Lucknow does exactly what every good and premium academic institute should do. That is, guiding students from the scratch and shaping them take up their careers in law and legal in future which has given them the rank of the best Law College of Lucknow.


Unity PG Law College at Lucknow is not funded by the government or any other entity. A lush, verdant campus with tall trees and beautiful blooms is home to Lucknow’s finest law school, “Unity PG College.” It offers instruction in a variety of professional fields. Situated in a historic structure, it features sixty rooms equipped with modern amenities, including free Wi-Fi. To prepare our students for global challenges and success in their future endeavors, Integrity Post-Graduate College places a high priority on education and discipline of the highest caliber. The environment friendly campus makes it even more enormous and vital as best college for law in Lucknow.

Law students and attorneys are in a unique position to assist individuals and organisations with legal concerns. They may also help businesses and organisations solve complicated problems. By defending the rule of law, you will be a champion for this critical public benefit and fortunately, Unity PG Law College has been able to produce numerous able alumni. Alongside law it runs various other prestigious Graduate and Post Graduate Courses like BA, BBA, BCOM, M, COM, B.Ed, Etc. It ranks amongst all toppers positioning itself as the Top PG College of Lucknow.

Unity P.G. & Law College, one of the city’s most prominent schools, is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. Founded on great ideals, it continues on Justice Murtaza Husain’s legacy. He was born on December 8, 1920, in Faizabad, India, in the historic town of Faizabad. After graduating from Canning College, Lucknow. earned a juris doctorate. He visioned to start a PG College that provides value added education to students so that they become responsible citizens of the country. The efforts collectively of students and the faculty has made it the top college of Lucknow.

The college’s purpose is to teach individuals to be nice in order to establish a society full of good people. As a result of attending this college, students learn how to organise their lives in order to endure the rigours of a competitive environment. Furthermore, students are more prepared to care for themselves and perform aggressively good in a growth conducive environment. The faculty educates youngsters for life by offering a high-quality education. After all, they have trained and cultivated a new generation of attorneys, judges, and educators. To do this, the school expects students to be well-prepared and dedicated to lifelong study, service, and achievement.


The college has some very cultivated ambitions like

  • To provide high-quality education that promotes professionalism, humanism, and social responsibility through the provision of courses.
  • To attempt to broaden children’s intellectual and creative skills while also encouraging them to assume leadership positions.
  • To encourage the development of traits such as discipline, hard work, team spirit, and scientific tempers, as well as the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Encourage a liberal, progressive, and forward-thinking educational approach.

The college is driven, inventive, and collaborative and students’ efforts to make a difference in the world today and future are significantly influenced by research-based teaching and learning. At Unity PG College Lucknow, students get access to the Law Library, e-resources, law reports, and legislation, among other things. The Law Mooting Society hosts competitive mock court cases with outstanding professional training provided by experienced students and advocates in cooperation with the College’s senior faculty.

As a result of the college’s efforts, students improve their communication and creative thinking abilities, as well as their understanding of various legal issues. The College offers research-based education in a student-friendly atmosphere. Those who succeed at both writing and vocal communication are more likely to acquire leadership skills. It is a thriving centre for critical discussions in academia. The Unity PG Law college hosts a range of intellectual activities, including as lectures and seminars, during the academic year. Young people can go there to practise critical thinking and make their own decisions.

About Unity P.G. College


Unity Law and P.G. College is a creation of Unity Technical Institute Society, which was established in April, 1996. The main aim and objective of the college is to provide and propagate professional / technical education to all, with special emphasis on the educational upliftment of minorities and other educationally backward and financially weaker sections of the society.

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Educational Leader, ANTI-RAGGING Campus, TIE-UPS WITH Research Bodies, INDUSTRY Exposure, 24X7 Secured Campus, MEDICAL Facilities in Campus.

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It is the fact that Unity PG College is loved by more than 10000 beneficiary around the world. We believe that this is the best solution for your Education.

College Infrastructure



A culture to help students adjust, learn and live in an effortlessly laid environment.



The Security and Campus Safety is 24 hour, 365-day service oriented in department with.



College has a well furnished Gymnasium with the latest machines and exercise equipment.



College has spacious canteen facility in the college. A variety of south indian food.



Auditorium with capacity of 1200 person is available with modern facilities. Co-curricular and extracurricular.


Anti Ragging

As per the AICTE Regulations dated 01.07.2009 and UGC Regulations dated 17.06.2009 and Directions.

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