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The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 begins with a quick a review of the present day matchmaking society. Precisely what do modern daters appear like? Preciselywhat are their likes and dislikes? Just what traits do they look for in somebody?

Why don’t we know.

The Female of the Species

What does the typical feminine dater appear to be in 2010? Examination 75,000 female Match.com users revealed that she:

  • Is between 25 and three decades old (22percent for the trial).
  • Is about 5’5″ tall (15%).
  • Is actually a brunette (31%) with blue-eyes (40percent).
  • Thinks the woman vision are this lady most readily useful feature (53per cent).
  • Views her figure as normal (36per cent).
  • Notices by herself as easygoing (32percent) and sociable (14%).
  • Is actually smart (53per cent have actually a qualification, compared with 13per cent associated with general feminine populace associated with UK).
  • Enjoys vacation above all other activities, accompanied by flicks, dialogue, and cooking.
  • Largely probably works inside healthcare, dental, or veterinarian industry (11%).

To ascertain what this ordinary female Match.com user desires from the woman male fits, match therefore the Potential future basis examined ladies multiple choice answers. It seems that just the right guy considers his frame getting “average” (90percent), features brief (97percent), brownish (89%) hair, blue-eyes (84percent), and an easygoing character (86%).

  • Black locks came in next (75percent), with mild brown (73percent), blond (59%), and the salt and pepper look (38per cent). Men with cropped or hairless tresses were common (56per cent), and bald men found fans in 26percent of Match.com’s feminine populace.
  • The majority of women resoundingly preferred an average physical stature, though 38percent favored slim guys and 34per cent appreciated men with a few extra pounds.
  • Ladies love guys with vision which can be…well…eye-catching. 78percent rate them as a person’s many attractive function, accompanied by “a nice-looking laugh” (77%), “an excellent bottom” (35%), and “great hands” (27%). Feet scored the cheapest, with merely 4%.
  • As much as personality goes, women want easygoing men with great senses of wit (86per cent). “innovative” guys also scored extremely (75per cent), as performed those who are “social” (74percent) and “reliable” (73per cent).
  • In his sparetime, the ideal guy is actually keen on eating at restaurants and touring. More youthful women can be many enthusiastic about guys which enjoy flicks and songs, even though the 50+ set buy men which show a desire for gardening.

Women and gentlemen, you know what arrives subsequent: it is the men’s room look to take the spotlight!

For additional info on this well-known British dating site, you can read the Match.com review.

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