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The large group of people thinks that addictions and habits are one and the same, they just carry the rumor that spreads and the same happens in the case of addictions and habits. There is a lot of difference between both. Habits are the customs which you do everyday, but addictions are the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India, mainly agrees to the point that society keeps on judging people based on their habits and addictions but the person may or may not do it intentionally , it just happens due to certain life imbalances. It’s that imbalances the person faces in life, will motivate them to indulge in the act of smoking or consuming alcohol. The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi, also stated that many a time, the addicts may feel dejected at some situations and may be at that time , they feel like smoking and drinking alcohol . The addictions does not always include bad habits, it may be pertained to some good habits too like getting addicted to a book , life goals, etc etc. Not all addictions will lead to destruction of one’s life, it may polish one’s life too.

Most of them think that if a person has good habits alone he can achieve success. This statement does hold good but there are some loopholes too, the person who possesses good habits only then can train his mind to some extent only, because life is a mixture of good and bad. We should not only experience good but also bad even if it is related to habits and addictions. Experience gives you a conclusion to decide upon what to do and what not to do in life. Yes ! Addictions do pave a way to a successful future. It completely depends upon one’s thinking process.

Bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc. All these habits are the worst. You’re a kid in school and you see your classmate in school smoking, everyone thinks it’s cool, so you decide to do it with him, so that everyone thinks you are cool, how weak. Before you know it you are an alcoholic drug addict who no one wants to hang around. All you wanted was to be considered cool but with time, this small habit got the better of you and made you someone you were not supposed to be. It controlled you and you could not do anything about it, you are better than that. ALways introspect and see where you are wrong and have faults and strive to decrease your shortcomings everyday.

All in all I would like to say that never judge a person only on the basis of their habits and addictions; those are just a part of their life and not their life. They will surely come out of it when they feel like quitting and when they are fully free from tensions, stress & life imbalances.


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