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The Centers for Depression Treatment in Gurgaon explained the meaning of the word and phase depression. Depression is a common and serious medical condition that affects how people feel and act. The illness can lead to emotional as well as physical problems and can cause issues in all aspects of a person’s life. The Centers for Depression Treatment in Gurgaon states that most of us tend to get depressed when things don’t work in our favour. At times, we give 100% to a task expecting something good in return. When these expectations aren’t met, we move to negative thoughts and depression. Everyone experiences sadness at times. But depression is something more. The Centers for Depression Treatment in Gurgaon says that depression is extreme sadness or despair that lasts more than days. It interferes with the activities of daily life and can even cause physical pain.

Following are the symptoms of depression:-

  1. Feeling of emptiness
  2. Feeling of helplessness or hopelessness
  3. Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  4. Anger and irritability
  5. Restlessness
  6. Changes in sleep patterns
  7. Chronic pain, headaches or stomach aches
  8. Withdrawal from friends and family
  9. Thoughts of death or suicide

Below are some of the ways to overcome depression:-


  1. Avoid stress – There is a relationship between stress in a person’s life and depression or anxiety. A variety of factors, including work, education, family life, or relationships, can cause stress. It is important to try managing these stressful situations when they arise.


  1. Exercise -Exercise offers a range of health benefits including helping prevent depression. Many people who are depressed have low motivation for exercise, so it is a good idea to start with 5 minutes of walking or doing an enjoyable activity and gradually increase the length of time over the coming days, weeks, and months.
  2. Good Diet – Adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet will help people to cope up with depression. The brain needs the right mix of nutrients to function properly.
  3. Proper sleep – Not getting enough sleep has a significant impact on people psychologically and physically. We should aim for at least 8 hours of sound sleep.

Depression can also cause insomnia, but there are techniques people can try in order to get more sleep naturally. These include:

  1. Creating a bedtime routine
  2. Avoiding using electronic equipment before going to bed
  3. Spending 30 minutes doing a relaxation exercise or reading a book before trying to go to sleep.
  4. Avoid alcohol and drugs – There is a close link between depression, as well as anxiety disorders, and alcohol or other substance-use disorders. For most people, moderate alcohol consumption is not a problem, but for people with depression, alcohol or drug use can make their symptoms worse.

Conclusion – If you feel that your depression is getting worse, seek professional help. Needing additional help doesn’t mean you are weak, it is the most practical solution. It is completely possible to get lost in negative thoughts. Just remember that depression can be treated and you can feel better!




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