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The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India states that in recent times we must have heard that India may become the diabetes capital of the world. Diabetes becomes a major health and lifestyle disease in today’s time because most of our work has become mechanical rather than physical. Our small and big work can easily be done through automatic machines which are a good thing but it has limited our physical movements.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai therefore says what needs to be done is to increase our physical movements through particularly devoting time to exercise.

But what is diabetes?

In simple terms, it’s the body’s inability to burn sugar in food during digestion because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to cope with it. The pancreas releases less insulin than required by the body. It’s a chronic condition that affects blood sugar.

Diabetes is of two types- TYPE-I and TYPE II.

Type-I diabetes generally occurs in early age or childhood whereas type-II diabetes occurs in later years of life generally and shows its symptoms in the mid-forties of a person’s life.

But we should also know what insulin?

Insulin is harmony made by the pancreas to break down glucose from food and helps it get into our cells to be used in the form of energy.

So when the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin or produce very little this process of breakdown of sugar into energy doesn’t happen and sugar/glucose level in the body increases.

But diabetes does not come alone; it’s a group of diseases and also leads to further chronic disease such as blood pressure.

Some symptoms of diabetes are:

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequently feeling hungry or no hunger at all
  • Frequent urination
  • Weight gain/ loss
  • Irritation with small things
  • Blurred visions
  • Slow healing of wounds
  • Tiredness and fatigue with a bit of physical work

If you are feeling a combination of the above symptoms or any of it for a considerable amount of time then it’s time to visit a doctor and get your blood sugar test.

Now let’s see some common causes of diabetes:

  • Weight gain
  • No physical activity
  • Age
  • Cholesterol level increase in blood
  • Family history with the disease

How to cope with the disease:

  1. Increase your physical movements
  2. Get your blood sugar levels to test regularly after forty years of age
  3. Get familiar with any family history of the disease
  4. Improve lifestyle and food habits
  5. Avoid fatty and sugary foods, fast foods and soda drinks
  6. Brisk walk daily for a healthy heart and burn calories
  7. Do not skip food and have it in small portions at regular intervals
  8. Consume green leafy vegetables more and citrus fruits
  9. Have a check on your weight with reference to BMI i.e. body mass index
  10. Ensure having a good seven hours sleep and take less stress of things.

We can very well control diabetes through lifestyle changes and adherence to a few important things to prevent it.





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