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Hope Foundation Rehabilitation Center

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Vittasandra Main Road Vittasandra Bengaluru

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Service Offered

Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

Hope Foundation is a helping hand for those in need of recovering from addiction of alcohol and other drugs from the past 8 years and on. Treated about 5000 patients till date and has a success rate of 78% and there are patients who are still being followed up on their status.

We treat each patient on the same level as every other patient no matter what religion (Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell, Spirituality is for those who have already been in hell), caste or status. We even sponsor for those who are under privileged and could not afford to pay the monthly expenses of a patient.

We have a proven track record of treating patients with a higher success rate with no side affecting treatment procedures being involved. We welcome patients who are in need of overcoming addiction.

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