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I Am fine foundation

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FINE Center, Off Mumbai-Banglore Highway, Mahalunge, ,

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Service Offered

Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

Our Story
I am fine foundation is an effort and initiative of the I am fine group. We are a team of dedicated individuals, working towards eradicating and alleviating the challenges faced by individuals suffering from different types of mental disorders, i.e., Bipolar, Depression, Schizophrenia, disease of Addiction / Alcoholism and other illnesses. Although we might find ourselves saying, “I am fine,” many times, it is just a statement to reassure people around, that all is well with us. This could be due to several reasons. But in reality, we are immersed in the challenges that life brings our way. Our journey of healing started on December 12, 2012, (12.12.12), the day the world was predicted to end. Our Founder / Director, looked beyond the end and visualized a new beginning; a beginning of service to the suffering. During the years that followed, many events were structured and organized to help individuals to grow in different spheres of life. On August 7, 2018, the I am Fine Foundation deaddiction and rehabilitation centre was initiated with a very definite purpose, to help people who find their lives meaningless due to the various factors that affect their emotional balance. We believe that any mental health condition, including addiction / alcoholism are outward symptoms of internal emotional turmoil. Our treatment module is structured in such a way that it helps the individual get to the root of the problem and from there the healing process begins. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from any mental health issues or has a drug or alcohol addiction, please feel free to contact us. We firmly believe that any condition can be reversed if corrective action is implemented.

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