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kirpa Foundation Nasha Mukti Kendra Punjab

Centre Full Address- 112, near Shiv Mandir, Dhaki, Pathankot, Punjab 145001

Centre Details-

Service Offered

Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

We conduct seminars in schools, colleges and other institutions, on the harmful effects of drug abuse; the programs are primarily targeted towards the young people and school going children to publicize the dangers of drug addiction and to prevent people from taking them by showing alternative healthy values.


Addiction being a family disease, we organize Individual & Group Counseling sessions on a monthly basis to create awareness among the patients and family members. We also organize visits to the patient’s home by our team of trained counselors and voluntary staff.

The committee of staff, trusties & members, all having real life experiences in the field of addiction, discuss problems, crisis, pain, frustrations and their solutions with recovering addicts/ alcoholics. They share their love, care and concern to give hope and strength to the family members, and not to give up but keep trying.


On discharge a relapse prevention plan is prepared for each patient depending on his / her personality and other circumstances. Patients are advised to keep in touch with the center and to their counselors when they face problems in their daily life. Get-togethers are organized where they can share their problems and achievements and get feedback about the recovery process. The patients are encouraged to attend the AA / NA meetings regularly.


Regular follow ups are done to help the chemically dependent person, having completed the program, to lead a clean & serene life-style after his / her discharge from the Rehabilitation Centre. The purpose is to support them in their new life and help prevent relapse.


On the concept of halfway homes, Kripa foundation has introduced a new facility in Greater Noida. Where residents stay for some time before completing their treatment. The families are also invited to visit their loved ones.This provides a neutral environment for them to work out any issues under the guidance of a counsellour. Thus beginning the process of reintegration of the addict/alcoholic into the family and society.


Kripa foundation goes an extra mile to help patients who are sincere and motivated. The Patients who after completing the treatment process choose to stay in the centre to strengthen their recovery are welcomed, and are provided free boarding and lodging.

  • Mr.Manoj Fundation
  • [email protected]
  • 9915811025
  • 112, near Shiv Mandir, Dhaki, Pathankot, Punjab 145001
  • 145001
  • Punjab
  • Pathankot

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