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Manasvardhan DeAddiction Center

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Service Offered

Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

Manasvardhan is recognized by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt of India. An organization devoted to its name, Manasvardhan literally means “Nurturing and Boosting Human Capabilities”. Manasvardhan is a treatment and rehabilitation centre for substance abusers as well as persons suffering with mental illness.

It has a therapeutic team of psychiatrists, social workers, doctors, nurses, counselors, volunteers from self help groups and recovering addicts from the institute headed by Dr. Mrs Shirish Ratnaparkhi.They all work together to help people with chemical dependence like alcoholism or substance abuse. We also deal with many mental disorders like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Anxiety and Depressions. It is an effort to reintegrate them into society and lead a functional life. Manasvardhan has a single goal; that of healing and changing lives.
Services Offered

Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Mental Health Treatment
Rehabilitation centre
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling

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