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A/203, Osia Classic, Amboli, Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400058, Maharashtra

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Undoubtedly, India has male -dominant society. From ancient times, women have been prey of violence. From dowry to molestation to rape, a woman is always a victim. Every other day cases of molestation, rape, sexual harassment come into knowledge. Such incidents don’t only happen in villages, but also in posh cities of India and the shameful part is, people do witness the same but don’t even dare to help the victim. Would they have reacted the same if the victim was their daughter or sister or anyone related to them?

After such embarrassing events, the question arises that if a girl is being molested, is it her fault? If she is wearing clothes of her own choice, is it her mistake? If she is living the life of her own liberty, then is it a matter that she needs to regret? If a man can move freely at any time then why not a woman? Is this how 21st century people are expected to think?

In India blaming women for every violence against her is what hundreds of millions of men are taught to believe. And the code for women here is so simple: dress modestly, don’t go out at night, don’t go to parties and clubs, and don’t go out alone. And if she dares to break this code then she will be responsible or blamed for the consequences.

In many companies, Posh Training for Employees is done separately, making them understand the consequences of such an act. Posh Training mainly came to existence because of the POSH act passed by the government. Posh Training for Employees is a positive and a more convenient way of bringing in a sense of security and awareness in the society.

Highlight of such cases is our ministers who, in spite of providing security and protection to women, pass such nuisance comments. In Spite of many attempts of justice and widespread public protests for nirbhaya, nothing changed till date. Even today so many girls face molestation in public transport and many places.

It is actually a matter of utter shame that molesters and rapists are roaming around freely, no strict action has been taken against them. It’s high time that the government should wake up and do something to save the daughters of our country. New policies of Beti bachao, Beti padhao and others are of no use if the daughters of the nation are not safe anywhere.





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