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The Rehabs in Gurgaon stated that you have to do some work on your self-control and get your body used to not consuming easily available oil-fried snacks and high-in-calories-low-in-nutrients foods from restaurants every other week. Many people, as soon as they decide to steer their diet towards a healthy direction, indulge in a number of no-no’s when it comes to the attempts they make at changing their lifestyle and end up failing miserably. So, here’s a list of what you shouldn’t do. The Rehabs in Gurgaon have recommended the below list.

  1. COMPLETELY TURNING OVER YOUR DIET AT ONCE: If you are used to having delicacies and snacks around three to four times a week, it will be extremely futile to stop all unhealthy consumption of food from the first day onwards. Most of us will end up giving up after some time. Now, unless you live in an environment where you can absolutely isolate snacks and delicacies from yourself, you will most probably find yourself standing in front of a food-stall or a restaurant, struggling with your conscience and giving yourself reasons to justify consumption of unhealthy food.

The Rehabs in Gurgaon state that instead, take into consideration the number of days you eat out and give yourself a suitable number of cheat days. If you were used to eating out only one day a week, make it to eating out a day every fortnight. If it was two days a week, make it one day a week of eating out. If it was three or more days in a week, cut it to two days a week, and keep lowering it every month until you find yourself no longer tempted by unhealthy food.This way your mind will have time to adjust to this new lifestyle you are aiming at and you won’t end up binging on food, after a bout of loss of self-control.

  1. GOING TOO BLAND WITH YOUR MEALS: The best way to ensure you stick to a healthy diet is by making sure you like the way your food tastes. A healthy diet doesn’t necessarily mean something like brown rice and boiled chicken cooked without oils and spices. Food like that is the healthiest you can go, but you will completely lose all motivation to stick to a diet like that, within a week as your mind will probably not like what it will consider as “bland and dull food”. You will soon be tempted to revert to your old lifestyle. Instead, look up recipes, ways to make your food more interesting and improve the visual presentation, so that your healthy meals look more desirable to you.
  2. COMPROMISING TOO OFTEN: It happens, especially to youngsters, that amidst the several outings they indulge in every week, they are tempted one too often to deviate from their diet and end up compromising on their diet so much that they just decide to completely give up on the choices they made, regarding their food. Either reduce the number of outings you make to restaurants or places where you will be tempted by unhealthy food or just tell your friends of the decisions you have taken, and how their help in sticking to those decisions will be appreciated.





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