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Shanti Home

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Shanti Home Shanti Mukand Hospital, 2, Institutional Area, Vikas Marg, Delhi-92

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Service Offered

Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

Shanti is a centre that offers care from a broad mental health perspective. The staff is well trained in mental health and psychology. Their de-addiction program implements many aspects of the Twelve Steps, but also includes Occupational Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Relaxation Therapy.

Also included in their program is relapse prevention and family services. These aspects of the program demonstrate that Shanti understands the difficulty of recovery as well as the influence that family and others can have on the addict.

The process of de-addiction at Shanti involves the following:

Intervention – patients are brought face to face with their addiction
Detoxification – patient is purged from drug
Rehabilitation – motivates and helps patients continue in their abstinence
Counselling (both individual and group) – helps patient plan for day to day events and create a lifestyle of abstinence
Relapse Prevention – help patients adjust to and implement new lifestyle
Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Mental Health Treatment
Rehabilitation centre
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation

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  • Shanti Home Shanti Mukand Hospital, 2, Institutional Area, Vikas Marg, Delhi-92
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  • Uttar Pradesh
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