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The Hermitage Drug & Alcohol Rehab

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Bhatia Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital and De-Addiction Centre : 22, Circular Road, Medical Enclave Amritsar, Punjab, India

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Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

At times we all feel happy or sad or irritable or upset. There are about 252 kinds of emotions known to mankind, all of which are real and it is normal to feel them at one time or another in life. But broadly we categorize these moods as good mood and bad mood.

As far as depression is concerned ,there can be a number of underlying factors responsible but the symptoms are more or less the same, most predominant being behavioural shutdown.

Functionality is diminished, from work to relationships, from interest in everyday things to losing the essense of life.

Finding oneself lost and aloof, the individual shrinks life back into the eggshell.

Now this state of brain is a lot different than the routine sad or the normal sad that we all experience as living beings. For instance, when we are sick or something happens against our wish or a loved one meets an accident or painful situation or losing a game.When we feel sad due to presence of such factors in our environment, we do not call it disease. This is just a phenomenal change that we all go through.

At times, it is not sad around us but we still feel sad. The mood does not sync with the environment. Being happy or sad without any reason is not considered healthy. So, basically the mood tells us what action is needed.

Clinical depression affects feeling to doing, AVOIDANCE being the main component. Have you ever felt your brain tell you that you can’t be happy because of your brain, your body or yourself? The depression symptoms vary and stem from different reasons depending on the type. And broadly depression is categorized as reactive depression and endogenous depression.

Reactive depression is a short-term, situation oriented depression. It can develop after you experience a traumatic event or series of events. This kind of depression is a type of adjustment disorder and generally recovers by itself. It can make it hard for one to adjust to their everyday life as at times it is appropriate and other times it is inappropriate.

Endogenous depression occurs as the results of an internal stressor—commonly cognitive or biological—and not an external factor. Potential risk factors include these cognitive or biological factors. Since symptoms are due to an internal phenomena, prevalence rates varies from age to age though tend to be higher in adults and more prevalent among women. This type of depression is always intense ,thus chronic. It always demands chemical support along with counseling and therapies.

The Hermitage : a holistic wellness rehabilitation home.
The Hermitage is a luxury rehab centre established with the aim of facilitating desired support and efficient treatment to people suffering from a wide variety of psychological problems, psychiatric diagnosis, addictive behaviours, personality disorders and dependency issues. We assist people with immediate attention, optimum care, and an individualized comprehensive management plan designed by our experts.

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  • Bhatia Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital and De-Addiction Centre : 22, Circular Road, Medical Enclave Amritsar, Punjab, India
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