Shrijani - Garbhsanskar & Antenatal Care was established in 2016 by Dr Kajal Singh from Aligarh to serve the families with Counseling , Holistic Healing , Education, Awareness and Ayurveda Consultation in the Pregnancy, Birth , Parenting and Women Wellness related Issues. It is the succession of a former Pregnancy Care , Counseling and Fitness program - SRAJAN started in 2009 in Aligarh by Dr Kajal Singh and Dr Shilpi Srivastava .The Program was Reformatted with Holistic Care , Pre-Conception Services ,BeejSuddhi and Garbhsanskar - Ayurvedic Antenatal Care and LAMAZE (USA) certified Childbirth Education Module. ' Shrijani ' is a sanskrit word used for 'The one Who Creates ' Correlating it with the Divine Journey of 9 months , Shrijani focus on the Multi-dimensional approach of the Healthy Pregnancy ,Birth and Parenting . Shrijani Garbhsanskar & Antenatal Care is a Common Platform for Ayurveda , the Science of Life since thousands of centuries and the advanced Medical Education with Updated version of knowledge . It serves the Families with the best possible solutions over the Fertility , Pregnancy , Childbirth , Mother & Baby care and Parenting with Counseling , Awareness , Information , LAMAZE ,Yoga , Meditation, Garbhsanskar , BeejSanskar , Music , and Ayurveda .


Shrijani Garbhsanskar& Antenatal Care CHANDRAWATI HOSPITAL, Vikas Nagar, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202001

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