Shukla Ambulance service is based in Lucknow, UP. We provides best ICU Ambulance in Lucknow, and are therefore available with all kind of ambulance services because an emergency situation can arise at any time. Running an Ambulance Services is not a business but it is a responsibility. It is a responsibility of people’s life, taking people safely to hospitals and being present and available at the time of emergencies. Oxygen system ambulance services are a 24/7 available in Lucknow and its neighboring territories. We have highly equipped set of ambulance for the ill people or the critically ill people. We have ventilators facility available and it is helpful for patients having cardiac emergencies, organ failures, etc. We have Cardiac monitor, oxygen cylinders, Defibrillator and entire basic setup essential for patients care.

Road Ambulance Service
Our drivers are adaptive to the road conditions and the adaptability makes the journey safe and swift and on time. Shukla ambulance services offers services. It transfers and shift patients from once city to another, or from a hospital to another hospital, hospital to railway stations or from hospital to airports. Our road ambulance services in Lucknow are quite easy to reach at and have competitive and affordable rates because we think about people and the know the critical emergencies. Through a fare price we are safe and our staffs is helpful and service the patients as per their need and convenience on road. Our ambulance are well maintained and air conditioned specialized for ground services creates a perfect environment essential for patients. Ventilator Ambulance Service works competitive and makes arrangement even out of hours for the convenience and safety of patients.

There are several types of ambulances designed to provide different levels of emergency medical care and transportation capabilities. Here are some common types of ambulances:
Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance: These ambulances are equipped with basic medical equipment and trained personnel to provide non-emergency medical assistance and transport patients who require basic life support.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance: ALS ambulances are staffed with paramedics or advanced medical technicians who are trained to provide advanced life support. They carry additional medical equipment and medications to manage critical patients and perform more advanced medical interventions. Book now an Advance Life Support Ambulance in Lucknow.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Ambulance: MICU ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed with highly trained medical professionals, such as critical care nurses or specialized physicians. These ambulances provide a higher level of intensive care during transportation for critically ill or injured patients. Book Mobile Ambulance Service in Lucknow.

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