This is one of the reasons for Lucknow being famous for. As the name suggests the place is famous for its kebab paratha. Their kebabs are not just famous in this era but their ancestors were chefs of the royal kitchen during the reign of Nawabs. The speciality of their kebabs is that they melt down in your mouth, leaving the taste of different spices mixed with the mutton. They have their centres in Aliganj, Chowk (old Lucknow) and Aminabad.

My Grandfather had lost his left hand while flying kite on terrace which was the saddest accident of his life but at the same time he was blessed a extra power by Allah that he could do all of his work with his one hand and to be as good as a normal human being and here the interesting story of Tunday Kabab began.

I am so sure that you people want to know little bit more about his story and I am also very interested to let you know the reality of Tunday Kabab.

Once, there was a Nawab (The royal family member) in Lucknow and he really love to have kabab's but due to his age he was unable to do so because he had lost his all teeths. Just to enjoy the kabab again he apparently set up a contest that whoever will create the softest and most succulent kababs would enjoy the royal patronage henceforth.

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The secret recipe was created by Haji Murad Ali, who apparently had only one hand. In India a person with leg disability is called "Langadey" and a person with hand disability is called "Tunday" and as soon as Haji Murad Ali won that contest he got so much popular in Lucknow with the name of "Tunday Kabab" because people use to call him Tunday due to his hand disability and he had got the royal patronage henceforth for his softest and most succulent kababs.

If we talk about the secret recipe it apparently has the great combination of 160 spices. The recipe is a secret of the family and is passed down to generation to generation by the ladies of the house.

Tunday Kababy was established in 1905 in the crisscrossed lanes of Chowk area by Haji Murad Ali where it is still today. The best point with Tunday Kababy is that the food point has miraculously preserved the original taste and flavor of its kababs, it was only after keeping themselves confined to a remote corn


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