Date Charitable Society is a non government organization situated at Chitradurga Karnataka since 1998 Last 16 years it serves to humankind with its yeoman service in the field of health care energy education environment social welfare activities
All the Activities supported by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Government of India National child labour project state child labour project under the agues of labour of Government of India and host of Karnataka
Currently we have two Integrated Rehabilitation centre for Addicts and runs efficiently in Chitradurga and Koppal since 16 years without any hindrance and it catered nearly 30000 patients especially addicts by way of treatment counseling guidance around 10000 addicts turned into sobriety and leading a good and decent life
Conducting regularly awareness programmes conducted 100 of awareness programme and 12 free De addiction camps so far on Drug Abuse ill effects of Tobacco water conservation environments protection HIV AIDS Diabetes etc on environment front it contact Vignyana Parishad and organizations by way of planting Fruit bearing plants and Medicinal plants at premises of various school and colleges in Chitradurga District It helps to control pollution and global warming and control Ozone layer depletion Fruit bearing trees gives fruits to mankind and birds as food
We started for Old age person day care centre with dementia at Koppal it cater nearly 240 old age persons with providing nutrition counseling health checkup entertainment it is boon for the people of old age in around Koppal
Regularly conducting health checkup camps for the senior citizens of Chitradurga and Koppal District and intend to start of old age Homes in both the district

Vision mission Statement 2013 2020
AREA Aims and objectives
1 Health Hospitals De addiction HIV AIDS Health Camps for publics and senior citizens Awareness Campaign Mental Health persons Day care centre To Impart prevention and curative health care services for children womens and community people
To educate the people on the ill effects of alcoholism Tobacco and other drugs by way of awareness programmes and establishing of De addiction centres
To implementing programme on community sanitation including sewerage system low cost latrines and streets sanitation
To establishing hospitals nursing homes free clinic diagnostic laboratory etc
We are starting mental health day care centre at Chitradurga
2 Education Labour Children orphans and street childrens schools Adult education training Yoga centre To provide education to the labour class dropout children in 6 to 14 age group by residential formal means
To improve quality of education by and preparation and usage of innovative learning materials and adopting scientific teaching techniques
To establish and run gymnasium Yoga centre in district head quarters
To create opportunities of education for all by way of adult education formal non formal education
3 Environment Biodiversity water recharge afforstation environment awareness programmes To prevent environmental degradation and create ecological balance through motivation awareness programmes training afforstation and other field based activities
Seminars road shows on Biodiversity water conservation ozone layer depletion etc
Constructing check dams for recharging of water
4 Social old age homes day care centres SHG care shelter for women and girls To establish and run shelter cum rehabilitation homes centre for aged persons widows destitute working girls and orphans coming from various segments of the society
To establish old age homes, day care centres multi facility care centre for older widowed womens
To establish model programme units related to different programme for self help groups
5 Energy Nonconventional bio fuels solar biogas wind Micro mini hydro To undertake initiative for energy conservation and alternative source of energy such as biogas solar bio diesel etc
To identify the beneficiary and distribute of solar lamps cooker lanterns water heaters to the house hold of below poverty people
Cultivating Jathropa and other fuel plants for bio diesel
To establishing windmills for getting clean energy

Future Project
Solar energy is the energy received from that sustains life on earth from many decades solar energy has been considered a huge source of energy and also an economic source of energy become it is freely available Solar energy already being successfully used in residential and industrial for cooking heating lighting space technology and communication among other uses in fact fossil fuel making major impact of the environment and raising issue of pollution and global warming Solar energy has increased in its importance to industry and homes While the reserves of fossil fuel are restricted them is no limitation to the availability of solar energy
Indian life light project in association with multi tech provides sustainable energy solutions and services to underserved household with a solar have light system by free of cost to the needy beneficiaries throughout Rural Karnataka
Biogas from Methane
Biogas is replacing LPG natural gas in cooking heating as a substitute in our country starchy waste grain flour peeled vegetables over ripe miss sharpen fruits non edible seeds fruit and RHIZOMES GROWTH Leaves kitchen waste are feed stock and all are easily available throughout the year 2Kgs feedstock produces 500g methane Biogas saves 100 Kgs LPG or 250 Ltr of Kerosene for each have hold per year and a rural family can save 3 tons of wood which would generate about 5 tons of CO2 if burnt Use of Biogas reduce deforestation, replace fossil fuel and save huge amount of foreign exchange Reduction in emission improve health condition could by smoke improve nutrient preservation throughout use of pedals bio slurry as fertilizers so our organization in association with donors has planned to give biodigester based biogas system

We have general ward, semi delux, delux and private ward in our Nasha Mukti Kendra.

Our rehabilitation centre has more than 300+ bed


Chitradurga, Karnataka

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