Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) Ludhiana, Punjab, India is a 1326 bedded (Inclusive 800 teaching beds) tertiary care teaching hospital in North India. The institution has an imposing complex of modern buildings and is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities for providing excellent care to the patients and training to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. All the clinical departments, along with the diagnostic laboratories provide round-the-clock service at the campus.

Historical Background

Motivated by a devoted personality, Dr Banarsi Dass Soni, Ex.Capt.I.M.S. with a missionary zeal for medical education and patient care, conceived the noble idea of providing much needed medical care to the general public. This bloomed in the form of Arya Medical School in 1934, started in a rented building in Civil Lines, Ludhiana.

In 1936, management of the medical school was handed over to the Arya Samaj, Saban Bazar, Ludhiana, under the aegis of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Punjab. A separate Managing Body was nominated by the Managing Committee of Arya High School, Ludhiana and it was shifted to its own building in 1937 (now, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, College Campus).

The institution was recognized for LSMF (Licentiate of the Punjab State Medical Faculty) in 1938. The following year, the Managing Body decided that the Ludhiana Medical School should thereafter be called “Arya Medical School” and the hospital attached to it “Dayanand Hospital”.

It was only in the year 1964, consistent with the policy of the Government that the Arya Medical School flowered into a full-fledged MBBS College, which came to be known as Dayanand Medical College & Hospital. The management of this college was taken over by a galaxy of prominent people of Ludhiana, who formed an organization known as the “Managing Society of Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana” and Late Shri H.R.Dhanda, a prominent industrialist of the town, became its Founder President.

MCI Recognition

The institution is duly recognized by Medical Council of India for the MBBS course as well as several speciality and super speciality courses.



The college is affiliated to the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, Punjab.


Courses Offered


MBBS course: 

In the MBBS course, 100 students are admitted every year through the NEET. Admission is conducted by the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, Punjab.


MD/MS Postgraduate courses:

The College is duly recognized for the following courses:

1. Anatomy

2. Biochemistry

3. Physiology

4. Pathology

5. Pharmacology

6. Medicine

7. Microbiology

8. Surgery

9. Obstetrics & Gynecology

10. Pediatrics

11. Dermatology & STD

12. Ophthalmology

13. Otorhinolaryngology

14. Orthopedics

15. Anesthesiology

16. Radio-diagnosis

17. Psychiatry

18. Community Medicine (SPM)

19. IHBT


Super Specialties Courses:

1. Cardiology (DM)

2. Gastroenterology (DM)

3. Neurology (DM)

4. Nephrology (DM)

5. Neuro Surgery (MCh)

6. Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery (MCh)

7. Plastic Surgery (MCh)

8. Urology (MCh)

9. Critical Care Medicine (DM)


DMCH College of Nursing: 

· BSc Nursing                            (100 Seats)

· M.Sc Nursing                           (25 Seats)

. NPCC                                        (10 Seats)

Medical Milestones

Historically, DMCH was the first hospital in Punjab to set up a dialysis unit in the Nephrology service in 1980. Since then, several other super-specialties have been added. At present, super-specialties, which are providing the most modern and advanced care to the patients are:

1. Cardiology

2. Endocrinology

3. Gastroenterology

4. Nephrology

5. Neurology

6. Medical Oncology

7. Immunology & Rheumatology

8. Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery

9. Neurosurgery

10. G.E. Surgery

11. Pediatric Surgery

12. Plastic Surgery including micro-vascular surgery

13. Surgical Oncology

14. Urology (Including Kidney Transplant)

15. Bone Marrow Transplant

All these disciplines are managed by highly qualified doctors who have at their disposal the latest sophisticated diagnostic and treatment facilities. At present, there are 40 super-specialists (DM/MCh) on the hospital faculty.

Investigative Facilities:


The prominent state of the art investigative facilities available include:
1. Spect CT Scan, 3 Telsa, MRI scan, Ultrasonography, DEXA Scan
2. Fiberoptic endoscopes including upper as well as lower GI Scopes, Capsule endoscopty, ERCP
3. Hysteroscope and Peritoneoscope
4. EEG (including video EEG), EMG, Somatosensory Evoked Response Testing
5. Echocardiography, TMT
6. Bronchoscopy, PFT
7.  Biochemical Autoanalyzers, Blood Gas analyzer, Auto cell counter, Automated cultures, PCR
It is the first and the only institution in India having in its Department of Orthopedics, the facility of a unique technique of external fixators perfected by the internationally renowned Prof. Oganesyan from Russia.
Facilities & Services
      DMCH is the only institution in North India, which has an entire floor of Intensive Care Units (ICUs) with 157 beds incorporating all the critical care areas. Notable ICUs are:
1. Intensive Coronary Care Unit
2. Medical ICU
3. Surgery ICU
4. Neurosurgery ICU
5. Stroke unit
6. Pulmonary Critical Care Unit (PCCU)
7. Pediatric and Neonatal ICU
8. Burn ICU
Special care facilities for burns, neonates, thalassemia and cancer patients.
Hero DMC Heart Institute (HDHI)   
Non-Invasive Cardiology:
The diagnostic equipment includes:
· 3D Echocardiography
· Stress ECHO/Contrast ECHO
· Peripheral Vascular Doppler Studies
· Holter Monitoring System
· Treadmill Testing (TMT)
· SPECT-CT Gamma Camera
Interventional Cardiology: 
       The institute has two digital Cath Labs managed by a team of five DM level consultants. The labs are used to perform full range of invasive cardiology procedures such as:
· Coronary, Peripheral, Renal and Carotid Angiography and Angioplasty
· Mitral, Pulmonary and Aortic Valvuloplastomy
· Permanent and Temporary Cardiac Pacemaker Implantation
· Biventricular Pacemaker Implantation
· AICD implantation / Combo Device implantation
· Coil/Particle Embolization
· PDA/ASD Closure
· Radio Frequency Ablation
· Electro Physiological Study
The department has earned for itself the reputation of being the best in the region and till December 31, 2010 more than 30,800 cath lab procedures have been performed by the department. It also imparts training in DM (Cardiology) program.
Cardiothoracic Surgery: 
       The institute has three state-of-the-art operation theaters managed by a highly competent team of five MCh level cardiac surgeons and five cardiac anaesthesiologists. The range of surgical procedures performed includes:
· Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
· Beating Heart Surgery
· Valve Replacement Surgery
· Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection
· Closed Heart Surgeries (PDA, CMV)
· Surgery for congenital heart diseases
· Thoracic & vascular procedures such as carotid endarterectomy
· Combined procedures such as CABG + Valve Replacement, CABG +  Carotid Endarterectomy etc.
The department combines the latest innovations in medical electronics with high-class expertise of its cardiac surgeons. The technology employed is contemporary and the volumes handled in the region attest this fact. Till December 31, 2010 more than 5100 surgeries have been performed by the department achieving a success rate which is at par with that of leading centres around the world.
OPD and Indoor Services:
           The institute is managed by renowned consultants, which includes 32 doctors supported by a staff of more than 700, and a nursing staff of more than 200. Till December 31, 2010 more than 3,64,000 patients have benefited from our OPD services.
Nuclear Medicine:
           SPECT-CT gamma camera, the only one of its kind in the region, is available in the institute. Nuclear Medicine procedures permit determination of medical information that may otherwise necessitate more expensive and invasive diagnostic tests.
Health Check-up:
         To prevent heart disease before it develops, a Health Check-up Cell is in operation. Health check-up packages are devised for early detection of coronary artery disease, especially for those who are in the age group of 40 and above or those who are in the greater risk category.
Future Projects:
· A state-of-art cancer center is to be started shortly.
· New urban health centre at Shimla Puri.
      The institution has well-developed urban and rural health delivery systems, with residential facilities for training of students and interns under the department of community medicine. Models for health care delivery and Community Oriented Learning have been developed in these areas in addition to research on community health problems, which has been widely acknowledged. Multi-purpose Dumra Auditorium is adding a new dimension to the curricular and extracurricular activities of the students and staff alike.
      DMCH, Ludhiana has come up by the dint of hard work and sincere efforts of the management, administrators, faculty and staff as well as the co-operation of the students. The citizens of Ludhiana and other places have always been kind in extending their helping hand in building up this institution. Above all, the Central and State Governments and many dignitaries deserve gratitude for their co-operation and help interest in the development of the College and the Hospital.
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