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Nasha Mukti Kendra in Hapur

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Village-Wajheelpur, Post-Hapur District-Hapur, UP-245101

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In simple words intake of any substance or drug which leads an addict to crave for it every day is known as addiction. The thing is very simple and easy to judge for everyone by categorizing and labeling a person as an addict but no one ever tries to understand why this happens or what is the main reason behind this state of the addict. They don’t even know that an addict is helpless .

According to WHO, addiction is a disease and unfortunately, most of the people are ignorant about it . In India also people look upon an addict as a useless citizen because they are unconscious of the fact that he is suffering from a chronic disease, no one tried to understand the problem of an addict .Sambhav, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Hapur,is your trusted partner in addiction and in mental health recovery. It has a team of skilled psychiatrists and psychologists who are in regular touch with the patients for their proper counseling and understand the problem of a patient which he is going through and what is hidden in his latent being causing decay to his spirit and treatment given by them depends on the state of the patient.

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  • Village-Wajheelpur, Post-Hapur District-Hapur, UP-245101
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  • https://www.sambhavrehab.in/nasha-mukti-kendra-in-hapur


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